Seven Pounds

December 9, 2013 // 0 Comments

Seven Pounds is now available on DVD for home viewing, and will surely become a topic for conversation. Unable to live with his guilt following an auto accident that kills seven people, including his fiancee, the character Tim Thomas decides to extract “seven pounds of flesh” from himself as a payback, and he slowly embarks on his final journey. This new Will Smith movie is a study in guilt, recompense, and survival for seven others through thoughtful organ donation.

He begins with donating a lung to his brother, whose identity he has also borrowed. This is followed up with other body part donations, and he finds an abuse victim who needs housing and gives her his house. In the final set up, recipients include a blind man and a woman who has not only captured his heart, but needs his heart. An icy suicide by jellyfish allows Tim to complete his mission.

The concept is interesting, as guilt drives the main character to commit good by giving up his own life, and to hand select the recipients. In a final twist of irony, the final two recipients of his organs meet, and begin to talk, possibly to fall in love.